e-Commerce Consulting

e-Commerce Concept

The business plan of Witty Commerce consists of some important steps. First of all we make a detailed Strategy Workshop and SWOT Analysis for you. On the basis of these, we collect some precious information from which we can derive reliable advise for your online market. This plan proves that Witty Commerce does not only raise on technology but also analysis reports which summarizes the user behaviors of the target group in the market your company takes part in. We also use an effective method called e-business persona which is able you to put yourself under the hat of potential customers. By thus, we can present you your customers’ trip, their needs and their definite experiences.

We can summarize these steps like below:

Witty Commerce will create your e-commerce concept, beginning by a consultation process and ending with creating a loyal customer group.

Analyzing the Potential of Your Current Website:

• We discover your potential customer profile and create scenarios for their optimal journey
• We form an online shop for your company, which offers your customers a special experience.
• We build an online shop that invites back all the customers to return.