Delivery Standards:

With years of experience we perfected our methodologies, proving them through successful operations accomplished for the world’s most iconic brands and retailers. As you, our valuable clients, can benefit from our knowledge and experience for your e-commerce development. You can reduce your costs, risks and get the greatest possible value from your operation.


System Development Life Cycle:

For all our clients, we offer our proven and well-developed system development life cycle (SDLC) so that:
– Your projects follow best practice.
– Your team will concentrate only on the work at hand, nothing more.
– You pay only for the actual project, not the organization of it.
But this doesn’t mean we offer the very same SDLC for all our clients. We asses the level of ecommerce expertise, your expectations of participation and your other vendors or partners and then tailor our SDLC for you.

Project Pipeline:

With our unique project pipeline, its very easy for our clients to see what we are doing, how we are doing and where we are about their projects in terms of effort, time and cost.

Resource Allocation and Planning:

We track every resource used in your project so that no time or money is wasted. We use one point for project planning, resource management and decision making. After the planning stage we use JIRA connectivity for transition to the development stage. This allows us compliance with our and your initial expectations, plan and allocate resource across multiple programs and projects and share transparent reporting with you. Timing is extremely important for project planning. Therefore we use GANTT to categorize our stages for better understanding our delivery schedule.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS):

WBS allows us to plan and manage key project goals. It helps us to standardize project planning and pre-build work based on established governance and quality standards.